i have four bqwling balls  the numbers 23 and 11 yellow          

47  43 black  43  23 and 11  23 white   whate size do i order   thank you for any help   Roy

You want me to interpret the finger grip sizes you have in your equipment, can't the local shop operator help? Do you have any sense of how long some of the grips have been in your bowling balls? Because the smallest sizes could have been worn open for years (it sounds like).

You have quite the cross section of sizes (from large to small): 47/64, 46/64 (better known as 23/32), 44/64 (better known as 11/16), and 43/64. Which ones fit you better? What styles are they? Oval, pitched, round??? Are they all from the same manufacturer (Turbo 2n1, Vise, Pro Sports, 10th Frame, etc and others)? There are several styles and makers (and obviously colors).

Do you know you should periodically change the grips so that wear and tear and degradation don't make them feel big and slick? And way less effective! Change them every three months or about every 75 games.

So when you order them, and they don't fit the size your fingers are, at the time, what are you going to do? What does your local bowling shop charge? What can you buy them for? Do you know how to install them?

This is one thing I don't understand about people, if grips fit well you come out of the ball well, you get optimum performance. If the grips are loose and/or worn, they don't help much, except that the cushy feel persists (sometimes masking a bad fit), why chance an ill fitting set of grips? And tight grips are actually painful and can really effect how you release the ball. How am I to even guess what size would fit you right now?

Do you bowl in the morning or evening? Your fingers would be more swollen in the morning, less as the day wears on. This too would effect what you might need. DO your fingers swell when you bowl?

From what little information you provided, I must assume you have 47/64, 43/64 and 23/32 #2# in the middle finger of your bowling balls, and 43/64, 23/32 and 11/16 #2) in your ring fingers. Wear will effect what the grips feel like, but you have to decide which feel best.

Hope this helps, thanks for the question.  


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