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I am thinking about returning to some league bowling next fall and its been awhile since i had my own gear. I am more an old school head on bowler than a hook thrower, with finger tip holes and was just wondering  what the pros would suggest? I know it be a 14 + ball

Hell Mark, now straight up! Stop thinking about bowling next fall and just do the dayum thing!!! You got this! They say the game has changed a lot! It may have, but not so much if you had game before. Since you are more of the straight style of bowler, you will want something that is "low flaring." This basically means it won't try to over hook on you and piss you off every other frame when you try to adjust.
   Hammer has a bowling ball called the Arson. They have a low flare version. If you like the color, boom! It's on and cracking.
  Storm is a great company also, I really like their Tropical Breeze BLK and Cherry. The flare for this ball is around 2" to 4" and it hits very nicely. Keep in mind, I am thinking of balls that won't over hook on you!
  Mark, the toughest thing about coming back to the game is getting the right ball for the right lane condition. I live in Las Vegas. Our centers here average 50 to 70 lanes. Several houses are medium, but a few are longer, or shorter requiring you to switch bowling balls to play the "condition."
  Now, throw out the window the bowling balls I mentioned. Why? Well, even though they are both low flaring, if the oil in your center is long, the Breeze may not hook soon enough until it gets really dry (3rd game) or the Arson(bigger ball) may hook just right in the first half of the 1st game, and then go through the nose or head pin the rest of the night. Even worst, if you are playing with a lot of straight bowlers like yourself, carrydown could be created and the Arson may not hook at all... (yep, that is today's game)
  So what is my point. Generally, there are certain bowling balls that work really well in a bowling center. Your local pro shop should know what balls really works well at the center you want to bowl in. Especially if they are a loyalty brand shop like Ebonite, Storm, DV8, or Brunswick. Let them know you don't throw much hook, and ask them what will help most for the house you want to bowl in.
  It would be wrong of me to suggest a bowling ball, not ever seeing you throw a shot, or not knowing what condition you will be facing this fall. I need you to be able to kick some butt on the lanes. To do this you have to have someone evaluate your game. Do you spin, the ball and how much? Is your approach fast or slow? Do you loft the ball? I am sure you understand.
  I tell bowlers all around the country and overseas that the best place to start is your local pro shop.
  To start, try house ball to find the weight you like first. Bowl a game. This will come very close to the reaction you want. After a couple of times, have someone look at your game from the pro shop and have them make a recommendation to you.
  Today's game is a little different. Back when, we could just go into the pro shop pick out a ball, but it was because all of them were only slightly different from the others. It's a whole new "ball game" today, with "the ball" taking center stage. Thanks for your question Mark. -Coach.


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