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Bowling/Why is my average lower on synthetic lanes?


Hello Warren,

 I am a left handed bowler. I'm 63 and have been bowling in leagues since 1985. I have two 300 rings. Both 300 games were on wood lanes in Carson City Nv. which has a dry climate. I am now in Mississippi where the climate is much more humid, and the house I bowl in has synthetic lanes which are covered with a plastic sheet from the foul line to maybe 1 or 2 feet in front of the pins.

 I am nowhere near the average I used to have (180) in Nv. I'm lucky to break 150. I am constantly getting too much head pin on the back end, and when I do get a strike it's a brooklyn. On my spares, i miss just a little bit to the right. I have tried moving a board to my right, moving up, back etc. and nothing seems to work. What am I missing here? I'm using a Storm Thunder Road (both 300 games were with that) Storm Hy Road and Pearl, and an Ebonite Nitro. The balls are drilled with the pin right above my ring finger (left Hand).

 Again, what am I missing here? Please keep it simple.
Gordon Bomar

Sounds like the equipment you roll is a bit too strong for the lane conditions/lanes, and you may have slowed down your ball speed a bit.

Are your lanes wood with a synthetic film covering? or a true synthetic? True synthetic panels with a film covering??? I wasn't sure from your description.

Your equipment sounds like its set up to use the core dynamics strongly on the backend of the lane. Your game may be dominated by early friction (synthetic overlayments are very soft and cause balls to start earlier than a true synthetic lane surface, which is very hard and smooth#.

What happens when you roll the Blue Nitro, it is your mildest ball #being just urethane#. Describe where you have to roll the Nitro to get to the pocket. You have a Thunder Road, Hyroad and pearl what?

The urethane ball ought to react less violently and give you a better sense of where the oil is and how to play the lanes. You may need to adjust the surface of one or more balls to better match-up to the lanes/lane conditions. Lefty's have less lane condition breakdown during play #unless you have other lefty's on your team/lanes#. You may be tearing open the lane conation in game one and dealing with a resulting oil breakdown that doesn't suit your style.

Describe how you roll the ball #speed, rev rate, axis tlt and axis rotation if you know it#. And describe where you stand, where you finish at the foul line and what you aim at? Also a little about you physically #how big a guy are you)?

I'd like to help but don't know much yet. Please share more about your circumstances and I can get a better sense of your particulars. Thanks for the question.  


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