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Bowling/Best Ball Fo Voodoo Drill?


Since I don't put much speed on a ball (11mph), my strike pocket has been very  small coupled with a lack of backend drive. In an effort to correct this problem,  I had an old Black Widow ball recently plugged and drilled with the Voodoo pattern  as an experiment.  
The Voodoo drill has worked much better for me on the backend,
without any noticeable loss of accuracy.  As such, I am now looking to purchase a  new ball that is well suited to capitalize on the advantages of this drill
pattern.  Any recommendations?

There is no magic in bowling. No Voodo drill or magic bowling ball.

You used a strong core and medium cover to get good reaction. More than likely, the layout suited what you were looking for. The Gas Mask core in the Black Widow is one of the strongest asymmetric cores on the market. You can find the same core in the Taboo series from Hammer. The Jet Black Taboo is essentially the EXACT same ball as the original Black Widow, only shined at the factory.  

Thanks for the question. Good luck.


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