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In looking for a new ball I have noticed that some balls have the pin, cg and the mb are in line. Is this ideal or would it limit your drilling layouts, etc. How about pin reaction to such a ball, etc? And last would you consider purchase one with this spec?

Ideally, the three identified points of a ball (pin, mass bias and marked Center of Gravity) are aligned in manufacturing. But interesting benefits can be achieved with pro pins, pro CG's, and other variations of positions, where the Center of Gravity is dramatically out of line with the other two points.

So, unless the position of the pin, mass bias and marked Center of Gravity are specifically out of alignment, with the idea of accomplishing some specific alternative in ball motion, your ball driller should be providing a fairly aligned ball.

The other variations by the way are sometimes valued but often sold as an unintended mistake (at quite a discount#.

Pro line parameters are first quality balls sold primarily through pro shops and bowling centers. Any retailer can get the second quality balls that you are asking about #usually at a discount# from distributors or manufacturers.

I've seen too many second quality or blem balls come into my store#s# from online stores #obviously not all but more than I'm comfortable with#. I've actually refused to drill several, because the elements of the ball just could not be made to do what the bowler was looking for.

The roll and reaction of a ball is effected by pro pins, pro CG's, and other variations of positions. Often demanding dramatic weight holes, once drilled, which can further alter the core dynamics of a ball.

There are so many possible variables with the variations you mentioned when you also factor in top weight and the need for resultant static weights #after drilling) to be within legal parameters. So, I'd need to know exactly what spec you are talking about.

Thank you for your question. I hope you follow up if you intend on getting an odd spec ball.  


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