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Hello. Having a lot of toruble with over/under and dryer condition.  Ball speed in high teens, a lot of revs.  Have coupel balls drilled pin above ring finger and a couple with pin below.  One ball with pin in 1:00 position.  Some patterns I hit I have too much hook or O/U and can't find line.  My urethane is pin up and can't really switch to that like others do.  Could you suggest something for either Avalanche Urethane or a Tropical Breeze that would get really smooth roll without the big backend snap.  Can't do hand position changes or take hand out of it very well.  Dad has tried to get me to work on that but it isn't coming along well.  Thanks

No slam dunk answer to your question without knowing more about what you're bowling on. There's still cover adjustments that can be made.

But, a very close in pin, 1-3 inches, will get the ball rolling very early. Another option because you have a strong rev rate is put the pin in your palm, known as a Rico drill, it tempers down the core influence.

I'd suggest the close pin if you do the urethane ball or the Rico with the reactive ball.

Thanks for the question. Let me know how it works out.


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