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Bowling/What to use to clean reactive resin ball?


QUESTION: Hello. I have Brunswick evil siege ball. Is that a reactive resin ball? Do you know if there is anything that I can use that will help clean my ball if I don't want to go to a pro shop to spend my $$? Or is there a cleaner from the pro shop that you recommend that does the job if it is not too pricey? Some cleaners are expensive just for a small bottle? Anyway I could make my own cleaner? Can I use rubbing alcohol? I heard it is bad for the cover stock of the ball is that true? Will it changed the cover stock of the ball? (dull to polish, or polish to dull)?

How long do I wait before I should clean the ball? When it gets dirty? Or after a certain amount of games? I think I haven't cleaned my ball for like 1 1/2 years.

It movement ain't that sharp it looks like it lost some gripping ability and is skidding a lot? I'm not sure what is wrong with it??

When I throw a good ball hitting the 1 and 3 pin the ball just sliced through all the pins makes a weird sound and keeps leaving me the corner pin (10) I don't know why? There's a difference between a good sound when the ball hits the pin. Something that doesn't sound anything at all like a bowling ball solidly hitting bowling pins. My ball is 15 pounds sometimes it makes the sound of a bowling ball that is like under 10 pound hitting the pins when you throw it hard. throwing 15 pounds ball and lighter ball hitting the pins will make different pins sounds.

I am a pro shop owner. I'd tell you that I've found the manufacturers products are very good at cleaning, and/or polishing their respective balls.

I've also experienced players putting all kind of stuff on balls to save a buck or two. I completely understand the idea, and often the need. What would you put in your car instead of oil? Sometimes it just makes sense to use what the maker suggests. Fouling up an expensive piece of sports equipment, is the result of using a non-recommended product.

I use isopropyl alcohol in my store as a cleaner, but it can take the shine off of a ball. So it's used to clean lines off or remove ball marks, etc. but very sparingly.

I'd also point out that Ultimate, Kegel and others produce nice lines of cleaners and polishes that work well. The company Neo-Tac was just bought by Brunswick, awhile back, to add the independent companies product line to the Brunswick family of brands.

Bowling ball cleaners are expensive because you don't use a ton of the stuff. Also the stuff is developed to clean bowling balls, no real universal use. So with a limited market place, it is relatively expensive. Better to use a little consistently to maintain the performance of your equipment.

Your ball reaction is lessened by dirt and grime, but the ball itself looses its bite when it looses it reactive resin "tackiness" especially after long term use.

Not sure what to tell you about the sound of your ball hitting the pins. Not sure what your asking.  

Thanks for your questions. I hope I got most of them. Good luck and good bowling.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: If i could remember i think my ball is deflecting a lot even when it hits between 1 and 3 pins. i was thinking lighter bowling ball will deflect more when hitting the pins but my ball is 15lbs and its not a light ball.

i feel like i'm getting robbed of strikes too many times.

When you get a lot of deflection, it's usually indicative of the ball using all it energy and rolling out. If the ball rolls out and the angle of entry to the pocket isn't correct the pins will deflect the ball enough to not allow the pin action needed to strike. The ball usually only hits 4 pins when it strikes. Angle, energy retention, and spin imparted to the pins help give you the strikes you're looking for.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: the ball is using all the energy so it has something to do with the way i'm throwing it? ball speed and release or where i'm aiming? i still know my ball needs cleaning. i was thinking about buying dawn direct foam to use with the water to clean my ball. do most soap/detergent out there polish bowling ball once it cleans them? any soap/detergent you recommended that you use for your bowling ball bath?  and polish bowling ball will hook less or more? my ball has lots of length i just need it to get back the reaction it use to have and hook strong at the back end??


The ball uses it's energy when it engages the lane. The rougher or cleaner the ball is the quicker it will engage the lane. The less your axis rotation the sooner the ball will engage also. So, it may be (a little) about how you throw it.

If you aim at the drier outer boards on a lane, the ball will start to slow down/start to hook quicker.

Soap and detergent are cleaning agents. Why would you think they'd polish the ball? Only polish will polish the ball.

NEVER use anything in the water. Most soaps/detergents have fragrance or color additives that might remain ON the ball, to YOUR detriment.

Polished balls typical skid further down the lane, but because not as much energy is lost while they skid, more energy remains as the ball gets closer to the pins. POTENTIALLY, allowing the ball to hook more/harder downlane.

Your ball may be worn out! How many games have your rolled with it?
Thanks for the follow up questions.


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