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Greetings Warren,

I've just started bowling four about 5-6 months now. I originally started out with 14 LB Storm Tropical Heat with a regular right handed drill. As I continued to become engulfed into the bowling universe and practice my roll I began finding that I much more preferred the Reverse Hook (Back Up) rather than a regular hook. After all the readings I've been doing on the internet I found out that to fully utilize my swing I needed to get a lefty drill for my right hand. Three weeks ago I decided to invest in this. I purchased a 16 LB. Storm Tropical Breeze and had the drilling measured as a lefty.
So now three weeks later I am beginning to find more and more confidence in my shot as a Backup Bowler. My question is: I've done extensive research in Backup Bowling and there is nothing really out there other than definitions on what Back Up means. I was wandering if you had any pointers on perfecting a back up game. I've read mostly that this is an incorrect way to bowl and should change it as soon as possible. Theoretically I'd love to have both the Hook shot as well as the Back Up in my pocket and since I am not participating in any leagues I'm having fun and find that a Back Up ball is much more natural to me.

Much thanks,


Sorry you're not finding much on rolling a backup. But, the physical manipulation you go through to roll a back up is not physically easy. You've taken a path where consistency is more difficult, while there will be less traffic on the left side of the lane, you didn't mention you roll from the left, just that you back the ball up. Rolling on the left has benefits and issues.

No matter, your ball fit is causing you to manipulate how you roll the ball. Your fit may not be very good, or the driller didn't work with you to understand what the intent was with the grip. Your seeing a lot about back ups being a bad idea because they are.

Work on both deliveries and you will master neither. You are a new bowler everything is fresh and new. Play have fun. When you get more serious, see a coach or a different driller and have the ball fit evaluated.

After the Fosberry Flop was invented, few high jumpers used the old techniques, because they were not as easy as the FF to jump a higher bar. You will roll a ball. You will hit pins. But as this is the start of your involvement with the sport, getting a jump start would benefit you. If you see yourself wanting to do this for a long time, get coaching immediately. Avoid bad muscle memory.

But, by all means play. You'll have fun, do bad and good, as you experiment with the techniques you know now. But it's easy to avoid years of personal experimentation that end up plateauing at a unsatisfying level, if you contact a coach or mentor before you get to deep. Thanks for the question. Have fun.


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