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Bowling/Joint Injuries: young bowlers


QUESTION: What are the chances of joint injuries to kids using to heavy a ball?

ANSWER: Richard,
Are you asking about using a house ball? Or a ball drilled for the young bowler?

Also, as a legal consultant in issues involving bowling, there is always a chance the impossible or improbable can happen, are you asking about a specific incident?

Thanks for the question, I look forward to your response.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: House balls and in general.  I work the desk at a bowling center and I've been a certified coach through YABA sents 1988.  I'm looking for information to pass on to help young bowler be safe

The typical bowling ball should be about 10% of a persons body weight, with the heaviest being near but less than 16 pounds. The holes are typically very large in heavier balls requiring a user to be strong enough to control the ball, needing, unfortunately, to grip it excessively.

The hole sizes in house balls usually have kids rolling balls that are much lighter than would be appropriate for their size. Issues with the lighter balls that kids might roll, are that kids will play around with rolling them all different ways, opening them up for strains or possible injury.

Your experience would help them learn the proper delivery, but kids will be kids. You will see them throwing the ball very fast, spinning it wildly or the combination, thus putting themselves at risk.

I commend you for your concern, I'd suggest that any kids showing an interest in our sport should be encouraged to get a properly fit bowling ball, by a certified bowling shop operator.

Thanks again for your question and good luck with the kids.  


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