I am looking to have a drilled new ball AMF Bull Whip 3-3.5" pin for use on Brunswick Synthetic Lanes. PAP is" 4 x 1/2 up any ideas, etc??? I am a stroker I think with medium speed. thank you

Lots goes into deciding a layout including where you like to play on the lane, your ball speed, rev rate, axis tilt and axis rotation. Medium speed could be 12 or 16, I don't guess. I take my customers onto a lane and see them throw, measure their speed etc. and then discuss the ball.

You've decided on a ball with out regard to the real details of what you do. Sorry, but that's not a good idea.

What other equipment do you own? What do you average? Why did you get this particular ball? Where would you like to play on the lane and where do you play? Do you know your Positive Axis Point (PAP)? Specific speed and rev rate, etc.?

Why don't you have confidence in the store that has drilled for you before? Let me know and we can begin to determine what you need. Thanks for the questions. Good luck.


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