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Bowling/New ball after years away from the game


Hello, I'm hoping you might be able to help me when it comes to understanding the ball technology of today as opposed to when I was an avid bowler when it comes to selecting a new ball as I get back into the game.

First a little history.  I grew up a bowler and bowled actively (1-3 times a week in league, fun, etc) for over 15 years.  Unfortunately when I moved I got out of the game for quite a long time and I'm just now getting back to bowling with friends and eventually as a league sub and perhaps full time member.  I was never a great bowler, but solid enough with an average that hovered around 160.  When I last bowled at a regular pace I used an AMF Sumo back in the early/mid 90s.  Now that I'm back, I'm looking to pick up a new competitive ball rather than throwing a 20+ year old ball in the Sumo and an original Red Hammer, however, I cannot find info to compare against as those balls are so old, they don't exist for comparison purposes on modern sites.

I found some good reliable information on hook scales, reactive resins, pearl reactives etc...but unfortunately I have no gauge to compare how the new balls would track in comparison to my very outdated gear.  I throw a 16 lb. ball, fingertip, with a moderate hook. I really like some of the new looks of some of the new balls like the Motiv Venom Toxic and the Radical Yeti Untamed for instance, but I want to make sure that the ball I select will act (at the very least) like my old ball or preferably with more movement but not out of control.  Not being a cranker, I don't want to select a ball that will provide little movement for me.

Would you happen to know a comparable example of a modern ball to either an original red hammer (non-pearl, out of box sanded finish) or the old black AMF Sumo from 1992 when it comes to action and movement on a lane?  Thank you for anything you can provide, I appreciate the help.

Technology, in the forms of: lane oiling machines, lanes, lane oil and bowling balls, has moved leaps and bounds forward. To suggest something for you, I need to know what your old balls are doing on the lanes and lane condition you will be bowling on.

Knowing ball speed, rev rate, axis tilt and rotation and your Positive Axis Point would be very helpful, too.

You picked a couple fairly strong and violent balls, are you a big risk rewards guy, with strikes and splits or do you have a decent spare game just not striking much?

Thanks for the questions, please help some more.  


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