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Hi! I am 68 yrs old. New to bowling....just 6 months. I am trying to correct  my arm crossing over to my left side when I release the ball.  About me......10 lb. ball. I throw a straight ball now. Heavier ball hurts elbow, back and shoulder.  I have searched internet for advice for this problem. I have reached out to local pro with poor results. I try very hard to concentrate on NOT crossing over...not much success. I have tried....slowing down, start back further, start closer, move left, stay center, I try to get in as much practice as I can afford. At least  15 games a week. I am on 2 senior leagues. They all try suggesting all sorts of stuff. Do that...don't this...don't that. I just end up doing the best I can and try to find solution myself. Have you any suggestions on how I can "Shake hands and reach for the sky." as I release my ball?

Success in sports is more about doing something rather than trying not to do something.

Instead of reminding yourself what you do badly in time to do it again, think about doing something different. In your case there is probably a few things going on that are messing you up, including: bad fit, too light a bowling ball, and desire to fix this issue by changing everything.

You've got the right idea, "Shake hands and reach for the sky." How do you do this specific thing?

Let's try this: Hold the ball in front of your shoulder (in your set-up) with the elbow well under your shoulder. Keeping the elbow back under even behind the shoulder will be less strenuous. To do what you need, "Shake hands and reach for the sky" let the ball swing back and let it swing forward, your swing plane is now straighter rather than bouncing around your body.

Lastly, as the ball swings naturally forward keep the ball side arm relaxed and bring your hand forward after you release the ball, following through until your hand is next to your head.

Let me know how you do. Thanks for the question.


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