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i'm 2 handed bowler. i'm living in malaysia. i have problem about to get a pin 10 spare. my spare ball still hook. lane condition not so dry (got very few oil). so, my questions is:

- what is the best polyester ball for me (go straight)
- the best drilling layout to make any polyester goes straight without any curve

thank you :)

ANSWER: Wadud,
Get a spare ball with a pancake weight block and low top weight. When drilled it should have little or NO top/bottom weight. Keep it shined. A two handers rev rate will effect the polish quickly.

Thanks for the question.

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QUESTION: thanks for your reply

i already got tzone ball and drilled with -ve side weight and thumb weight. but my ball still hook on the backend of the lane. anyway, i will try to find ball as your suggestion. thanks again :)

ANSWER: Wadud,
You have a plastic ball with a weight block and static weight imbalances that will encourage it to hook.

When plastic has no influential static weight it will just want to slide. The chunk of weight in the T-Zone that is deeper below the coverstock than a pancake weight block, increases the Radius of Gyration encouraging the ball to hook.

Good luck.

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QUESTION: that's mean i must drill my plastic ball without any side weight = 0? how about finger or thumb weight?

Your plastic ball (T-Zone) has a more complicated core than a Columbia White Dot, Ebonite Maxim, Storm Ice Storm. Your ball is not appropriate if you want it to go straight.

Redrilling will help VERY LITTLE. Better to replace it with a better ball for what you want.

Thanks for the follow up. Good luck.


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