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Bowling/Lighting on the lane Surface


I just completed a remodel of a 24 lane center and the lighting over the lanes are not up to par. The lanes has 2 maintenance works who have been their for years. They were always good about getting in the way trying to instruct my subs on how the lanes work, yet nothing was ever said about lighting. Now I ma stuck with $30k in lights that don't work right for tournament levels.

They are huge LED fixtures that put out immense light, yet very directional so every third lane is cold. I saw where Sergio on 06-03-2010 left a reply to a question and he said he knows how to design the lighting for lanes. Is he still around or can someone else who knows how it works help us out?

Thank you, Simon Alexander

Not a capital equipment guy.

Most maintenance people never had involvement in installation of the lighting in a bowling center. Who installed the lighting? Did you have a designer?

I understand you're trying to get some free advice, but I 'd suggest you spend a little to get expert advice for your commercial facility.

Sorry I can't be more helpful.


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