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My husband is a new bowler (bowled regularly 20 years ago) and uses 16 pound ball. He has an old military injury/break and burn in his right hand to thumb area. He also has arthritis in the same region. We are seeking a wrist support to decrease fatigue and pain post bowling, anything else is a bonus. The unusual aspect is the size of his hands. I used the storm measurement of four inches up from wrist crease and his forearm is 10 inches. The circumference of his hand at the widest is 10 inches. His ring finger size is a 16 to give you a sense of the size of his We would like something structured. Is there a product or choice of products that can support this weak area of his body and still allow him the pleasure of bowling while minimizing pain.

Fatigue post bowling sounds like a bad fit. Your hubbie is working to hard holding on to a ball drilled for him as a much younger man. Have the fit evaluated by an IBPSIA pro shop operator. There are supports in many styles and types but the underlying fit I'd suggest is the problem.

Fit should be evaluated every year or two for a regular player, as age, weight and activity level effect your ability to roll a ball as you have in the past. The ball should just hang from his hand. I'd suspect the ball he is using is allowing very easy exit from the ball for his large hand but that often demands more grip pressure.

Thanks for the question. Please drop me a note about the results. Thanks.


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