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Bowling/Which Ball from Storm?


I have a Mission X from Ebonite, I would like to get a more aggressive ball from Storm, I DO NOT shoot from deep inside, more natural down and in. Thanks for your imput.


If your High Performance Ebonite ball isn't doing enough, there could be many reasons. Your layout, your speed, your rev rate, your tilt/rotation, lane conditions, lane surface, etc. Pick a strong Storm ball and the person drilling it could cause it to do the exact same thing the Mission X is doing. Are you going to buy this through a shop? Please tell me you are not an Internet shopper.

Drill a strong ball too strong and it will roll out (look like it's not hooking). Could this be happening? Often using a strong ball, and playing straighter, needs a unique layout.

There are a few strong balls from Storm (including Lucid, BYTE, SYNC, IQ Fusion, Marvel S, and IQ solid, soon the Zero Gravity, too). My first question is why isn't the Ebonite ball doing what you need. It's strong too. What did the person who drilled the Mission X suggest? Do they know how you bowl? Where you bowl? What was said about the Mission X not being enough? If you are intimidated to talk to the driller, be honest. Tell them your ball isn't enough, can they suggest why?

Can you send a picture of the ball and ball track? Can you provide me more information?

The technology of bowling balls these days demands a more experienced technician. If you are not confidant in your driller, getting a random suggestion off the Net won't help. Unfortunately, some people sell what they want to move rather than the best option for a bowler. Is that what you think is going on?

Thanks for the question. With no basis to help me understand the reason for your question, I couldn't just make a list. If you choose something and end up with a disappointing ball, I can't tolerate that. It is not what I do. So I hope you understand why I'm looking for more info, to help me understand what you are trying to fix. Good luck.  


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