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Hi I throw a right handed fingertip Brunswick c-system, aura paranormal, lethal Revolver, and slingshot (as my spare ball) all 14lbs , have been bowling now for about 14 yrs with 165 avg. Do not have a pro at our center and next closest pro shop is over 2 hrs away, I have a sore thumb after about 2 game in league play, it is on the top right side of thumb, looking straight at the thumb nail it is about 2 oclock. I didnt have this before and wondering if I am " suitcasing" the ball or coming over the ball? Wondering how to stop this and would like any tips on how to correct my release. I did notice my flare pattern on the ball is not a close to the thumb hole on the ball as it used to be ( if that helps) usually it was about 1.1/2 " away  and i noticed it was about 2 inches away on some shots. Thanks!

Is this from a new ball? new Drill?

Sounds like from the position of the soreness and what it's causing you to do, you are exerting more pressure holding onto the ball, probably bending the thumb. Your just grabbing the ball more than you did. That's why I asked about the new drill. Sounds like your fit has been changed. I'd suspect either the pitch or hole size has the ball feeling like it's falling out of your hand and you're making sure to grab at it causing a later muscled release.

The ideal is to have a relaxed grip and the span and hole angles allow the ball to just hang in your hand. If this is a new fit or ball, I'd be concerned the fit is not the same as before. If this is occurring in equipment you've had for awhile, maybe you've gained or lost a pound or two or the weather is causing your hand to be smaller(cold shrinks your hand) as you start out league play and forces you to grip. Has this happened before? Same time of the year? Do you use any tape in the thumb? finger?

Let me know more and 1 can try to get a better picture of cause and improvements. Thanks for the questions.  


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