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Bowling/Tri-grip layout information


Mr. Friedl:  Good morning.  I am interested in finding out as much as I can about the 'tri-grip' layout(s) originated by Mr. Bill Hall.  If such information is 'private' or otherwise unavailable just so advise me.  Thank you for your time.  Sincerely, G. Cooper/Centralia, Washington  p.s. I am not a pro shop operator/owner, just interested if layout/drilling information.

Unfortunately, Bill's system is licensed and can only be purchased by brick and mortar pro shop operators. Releasing details is not possible for the copy written material.

As I was beginning to utilize the system in my store, I wrote an article in Pro Shop Operator magazine. I explain the system and interviewed some Chicago area practioners, for pro shops. I recapped the story in my blog:

Thanks for the question. Hope this helps your understanding of Bill's concept.  


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