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i have a question im gonna buy a roto grip hyper cell and im gonna put the pin setter in the middle of my palm how many inches would that be

First, not sure what a pin setter is on or in a bowling ball? I must assume you mean the pin (top of the weight block of a bowling ball). If you are not sure of the terminology, I am concerned that you do not understand the physics and chemistry of what you are thinking about getting.

Sounds like you have no real idea what or why a pin in your palm is a good idea. Why are you considering this? Did you see someone with this kind of ball drilled in this fashion?

Pre-picking a ball and a ball layout without knowing anything about you or how you roll a bowling ball is a recipe for disaster. Layouts are custom fitting a ball reaction to a specific bowler with specific skills to manage a specific type of lane condition. It would be like buying a shirt without knowing what size you are or what size you've gotten in the past.

Unfortunately, some ball drillers are NOT very adept and this part of the business and they use one or two basic layouts for every person.  

Before choosing a ball, usually, I'd see you bowl with some or all of your current bowling balls. So I know what your equipment does for you, and what reaction you may need or desire to have. I come to a conclusion that a type of reaction is needed, then I would suggest several options for a customers consideration.

What I see happen all the time, is people see a ball thrown, it performs well, and so the assumption is it will perform the same way for you. But, what if you roll the ball slower? or faster? With more rotation or less? More tilt or less? on more oil or less? Too many elements effect what a ball will do to limit a ball driller to only one ball and one layout option, when clearly you are not sure what it will do for you. You are ASSUMING WAY TO MUCH.

Where the pin is located in a layout has nothing to do with your hand or length of your grip but rather the distance to your Positive Axis Point. It helps create the amount of track flare a ball will have, and helps drive how quickly or how late it will begin it's move to the pocket.

I can not suggest a pin position because I don't know your game, where you bowl or what you need or want. Talk to your ball driller. Suggest you saw a Roto Grip Hyper Cell, (and if he or she knows your game) would they recommend the ball to you. Be wary, if they have not seen you bowl, ever, and they have a chance to sell an expensive high performance ball, they very well might recommend it, without concern for it's actually being a good tool for you.

Thanks for your question. Sorry I was so expansive in my explanation. I don't want you to make a mistake, and struggle with an ineffective new ball. The Roto Hyper Cell looks to be a great addition to the line. But a rocket ship would get you to work much faster, doesn't mean it's a good idea.  


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