I am hitting the pocket 85-88% of the shots I roll
but my actual strike percentage is much lower around 30%
getting 10 pin taps about 53% of my shots. I hired a coach
for a few lessons that got me to a 160+ avg. from dismal 140's
but my target line(s) are not producing the strikes that the pocket percentages are indicating as potential approx. (6-7) per game.  I know this is tickey - tack logic but it seems that even hitting the pocket that much should produce more strikes in an ideal world where hitting the pocket does not guarantee a strike.
Ergo, what the heck is going on?

I an bowling on a wood/acrylic lane THS 40' ideally my lines are
8,9,10,&12 boards which are supposed to represent the sweet spots
but instead produce 10 pin taps or splits. The condition is med/dry usually and the entry angles are pretty much correct 4,5,6 degrees give or take. I am using balls that match up with the lane conditions (medium)Strong) BW Venom & Boom-r-rang pin over middle finger flip/drill. End-over-end release.  
Am I making too much of this and should just accept the taps or can I correct this?
Thanks in advance.

Striking is all about angle of entry. Just hitting the head pin doesn't do enough. You hit only 4 pins with the ball, they must get the other 6. If you don't hit the pins at the proper angle you won't strike. If you hit the pins at the proper angle but one shot is 16mph, and the next is 14.5 and the next is 15, you will NOT strike three times! Speed, revs, axis rotation, axis tilt and getting the proper transition to happen (skid, hook and roll) provides the striking you seek.

I'm seeing a lot of info in your question. I highly commend you for knowing so much about your game. Most people do NOT. What I'm not seeing is the most important information. Is your speed, rev rate, Positive Axis Point (PAP) consistent when you roll a shot. I'll answer no because you are averaging only in the 160's. You've accumulated tools (the balls) but if you don't use them properly your skill will plateau and you won't improve.

You are reflective of the current bowling environment. People want to buy success rather than build skills. And, unfortunately, most shops would gladly sell you another ball, rather than see what you've purchased before, actually is working.

Id suggest you emphasize skill improvement, you can't improve if you depend heavily on the ball. If you have a strong ball reaction (the BW Venom) and it is too much at the pins, you'll leave corner pins. Now instead of controlling the lane with the ball, playing where you prefer with your ball, you need to stop the ball from hooking too much. Mark your ball with it's PAP (your ball driller should be able to help you find it). Know the coordinate so you can always practice, seeing the ball roll and react as it moves down the lane. When you become familiar with what you want, you'll become better and more consistent. Consistency is the key in our sport.

Question about your question. You mention wood/acrylic? Is the approach wood and the lane synthetic (not acrylic)? Or lane and approach wood? Synthetic?

Also, your using the easiest path to the pocket relying on the lane (and an easy THS pattern) to help hook the ball. Work your game so you can play a part of the lane that won't funnel a shot back to the had pin. Thanks for the questions. Good luck.  


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