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Bowling/7/10 pin not falling


I manage Walton Lanes, in Walton NY, This house is noted for not carrying out the 7 or 10 pin reguardless of hit or angel. Is there anything that can be done to help elimate this problem? I have had guys with 220+ averages come in and they have the same problems with corners pins. I have been to many houses over the years and never encountered problems with corner pins like here.
Thank you
Lou 2Vmjy4

If you've tried everything you may have topography issues.

Tell me a little about the house. Synthetic or wood? If wood, when was the last time the lanes were resurfaced? How do you oil the lanes (machine or by hand?)? If machine, what machine, how old is it? How long is the pattern? Do you have a graph? What oil do you use? What volume is put on each lane? Are you conditioning the same way for everybody? Special patterns for specific leagues?

Let me know the situation and I'll try to help. Thanks for the question.


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