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Bowling/drilling a ball for a two handed bowler


I am a two handed bowler and I roll the ball over the middle finger
How could I correct this or how should a ball for a two handed bowler be drilled.  Should it be drilled the same as a one handed bowler?  I am 15 years old and currently have a 180 average.  Please advise.

As a two handed player, the roll is controlled by top hand and wrist of the hand in the ball. The angles of the finger holes influence how you can roll the ball. But, your speed, axis tilt and axis rotation really shape the motion down lane.

So, first a driller must know what you bowl on (both pattern and lane surface). Then how you attack it (speed, revs, tilt and rotation). Lastly, what do you need the ball to do?

It sounds like the pin is near or close to your fingers now, with the ball's core influencing the roll significantly.  What weight ball do you throw? And are you striking more or is your spare game pretty solid allowing for the 180 average? Do you need the ball to do much? What equipment do you own?

Thanks for the question. I look forward to hearing back with more details. Thanks again.


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