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QUESTION: My middle finger was hurting every time I ball. My middle finger is not straight. It has a slight pitch to the right,a little bit cause I broke it before.Now the Pro shop drilled my middle finger this time to eliminate the pressure on it by putting a 1/4 forward pitch and zero lateral, my ring finger has 1/4 forward and 1/2 to the left lateral. My thumb is zero with a 1/8 lateral to the left. It works it relieves the pain on my middle finger but I feel like my middle finger is working a little bit and I lose a lot of turn on it on the release and I think it is my ring finger just doing the work.

ANSWER: Rodel,
Is your fit for a finger tip or conventional grip?

The finger pitch, what you call "forward pitch" causes the ball to leave your hand more quickly. Your terminology is vague, forward usually refers to pitch toward the center of the ball or center of the grip, or opposite of what your fit sheet details. You are probably losing the feel you had because of the "forward" pitch. The lateral pitch change would not effect your ability to turn the ball very much.

Thanks for your question.

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QUESTION: The fit is for finger tip.I'm having pain in my middle finger that's why the pro shop suggested that  pitch on my middle finger to relived some pressure.You're right I'm losing the feel on my middle finger and it looks like I'm dropping the ball earlier. I want to try a different lay out. I will make my ring finger shorter.So the span will be middle finger 3 7/8 and my ring finger will be 3 3/4. Is this going to help?. HELP

ANSWER: Rodel,
Shortening the middle finger when you've achieved the reason for the adjustment in the first place doesn't make sense. It's feeling ok but your performance has suffered. You can regain some control of your delivery with an adjustment of the thumb pitch, to help you control the ball without having to grip it.

Good luck. Thanks for the follow up.

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QUESTION: what kind of thumb pitch adjustment do you recommend.

Not knowing anything about your game, size, flexibility and texture of the thumb (and fingers), it's tough to fix a grip on the net. But, the adjustment made on your fingers was a 1/4 inch pitch adjustment on your fingers, without a similar adjustment for the thumb you will (and are) having issues holding onto the ball. I'd suggest, at least initially, to help regain the feel you had, move the pitch for your thumb from zero, to 1/8 to 1/4 forward (toward the fingers), the same direction you took the fingers when you changed the pitch. By reflecting the same change in both finger and thumb, you'll regain the relationship they had previously and help regain the control you've lost.

Let me know how it works. Thanks.


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