my question is the different between low rg balls from high rg balls I have a lot of balls that leave a lot of ten pins a articie on this page talk about the balls that come behind the headpin that leave a lot of them is there any way to fix this problem any suggestion to this question any help would be graftgul thanks robert

Your ball driller should be involved in ball choices/recommendations for you, given you are leaving corner pins with your current ball(s).

Core is only one element of carry. Getting enough traction so the ball slows down and revs up in the right place on the lane, for the way you want to attack the pins, is one of the most crucial.  

I will need to know a lot more about how you roll the ball to help. The balls you use are only the tools. I need to know what kind of player you are (rev rate, ball speed, axis tilt and axis rotation, and preferred target line).

Most lane conditions these days are designed by centers to steer your ball towards the pocket. So if the ball gets out to too dry an area, or is too weak for the pattern or your speed, the ball loses a lot of energy turns towards the pins and often hits weak. If the ball is too strong, or layout too violent for your skills, the ball will exit the oil pattern turn violently and cause the pins to "wrap" around the corner leaving solid 10 pins. So knowing more about what balls you throw, how you roll them (skills) and what part of the lane do you favor, will help me understand what's going on. Look forward to getting more info. Thanks for the question.  


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