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QUESTION: I am a bowling coach and I carry a 220 avg. I bowl 1 night a week. Ball speed about 16 mph and rev rate is medium. I currently have a Cruel Intent, and a Revolt by Motiv. Looking at the Forza, Revolt Vengence, and Sinister. I bowl on 42 ft of oil and bowl different tournaments. I am a tweener. I was wondering what you would suggest for a new ball to add to my regiment right now. Maybe even something I havent listed or thought of. Thanks

ANSWER: Patrick,
Without knowing how you like to play the lanes and how your ball rolls (axis tilt and axis rotation) it's hard to recommend stuff. With pictures or details of drilling of current stuff, I can offer stuff that should be more or less than what you have.

Do you want more? less? do you like to play straighter or swing the ball more? Your MOTIV equipment is pretty strong, if it's not enough they have stronger stuff. Without knowing more it's hard to make a recommendation.

I strive to provide the info/fit/equipment that my customers need or want so theyget an opportunity to be more successful, so I take what I do VERY seriously. Unfortunately, many others in the industry don't have that compunction. That's one reason why I do this.

Thanks for the questions, I hope I hear back with more info.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Warren, thank you for answering me. I want more aggressive back end and go longer. I play both swing and straighter, mostly down and in if I can get away with it. I am finding out that my Cruel Intent doesnt go quite long enough, and my Revolt starts up sooner. There are times I like to move my feet left and play deeper and don't have a ball for that. Is it possible to have a ball that I can swing and play down and in? or do I need 2 different balls? When you say pictures, would you like me to take a picture of my 2 balls and how they are drilled and send you? Can we attach files like that on here? Thanks again for the insight.


I have received pictures and video before. Seeing you bowl or getting more info on your equipment will help establish what you're working with, how and why it's doing what it does and gives me an opportunity to better establish what you have and what you need and see if it works with what you want.



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