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Bowling/surface cracks on my bowling ball


I have a hammer ratchet bowling ball and it has been out in my truck for the past few days with the temp at or around 0 degrees. I brought it into the house today to warm up before league tomorrow and after several hours inside it has developed these spider like cracks on the surface that are roughly 1/8 inch deep and cover maybe a 4 inch circle. Are these going to be repairable? Could there be a possible manufacturer defect involved as neither of my other two balls, that were in the same bag, have cracked?

Damage doesn't sound familiar. I'd probably need to see the cracks to get a better idea what they're from. Can you shot me a picture or two? Damage from cold/heat usually involves core and cover that doesn't warm up or cool down at the same rate causing cracks from the top of core or gripping holes away.

Not sure the cracks are repairable as I'm not sure where they are on the ball relative to your holes/the ball track. Are they away from the track? Are they near the gripping holes?

You don't have a defective ball as the Ratchet is an older ball and out of warranty (probably). Problems with a defective ball crop up within the first year of use. Most warranties are one year from date of purchase.

Thanks for the questions. Please send me more info. Thanks.


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