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Bowling/500/500/500/1000 resurface


I have a Hammer Absolute Flip that has a factory finish spec of 500/500/500/1000. I am confused by the repetition of the 500s. I refinish my own balls. Does this mean I would repeat the complete 500 grit resurface 3 times before do the 1000 grit resurface? How should I proceed? Thanks

Not sure what you mean by resurface.  How often do you resurface the ball? What do you do in a resurface?

Each manufacturer has their own system of finishing a ball. The Hammer Absolute Flip, has three cycles of 500 grit sanding, then one cycle of 1000 grit. The surface is basically ROUGH. This pearl ball is meant to be rolled with a rough cover, as Hammer designed it then finished it to have more traction to better utilize the core. Adjusting the cover to suit your needs is an option. Is the box finish your optimum surface preparation?

Thanks for the question.  


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