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I was looking at bowling balls and noticed one where they say the pin cg and mass bias are all in line? Is this good or bad thing? What is the effect and does it limit drill options  etc.? Should you stay away from this configuration? Thnx

Pin, cg and mass bias all in line is the intent on most balls. Most bowlers are right handed. Some balls are made intending to have the cg left or the cg right of a line pin to mass bias. With the "non-normal" cg position, layouts can be used with the likelihood of not needing a weight hole, or potentially absolutely needing a weight hole.

Weight holes can affect the core dynamics when they penetrate the core. So they can augment or retard the reaction. Weight hole? No weight hole? Complicated layout/drill? Simple layout/drill?

Subtle differences with impactful adjustments can provide specific ball motion results. Sometimes a condition specific ball is spectacular, sometimes unusable.

Thanks for the question. Good bowling and Merry Christmas.  


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