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Bowling/Ball Speed vs Pin Effect


Can a Bowling Ball be thrown too hard.? As/in can too much power overly effect "Pin Trajectory" by disallowing them to follow thier (mathamatically) natural course through the rack.? It is obivious that a ball thrown too slowly does this by just tipping the pin's over without pushing them through the rack.. So it would seem a ball thrown too hard would effect the pin's, in the opposite, pushing them through the rack too fast.. Thank You

Yes Scott a ball can be thrown to hard. If the speed doesn't match up to the rev rate of the ball, it won't entry the pocket at the correct angle and then hit the 4 pins needed, to knock down the other 6. The ball, ideally, passing between the 8 and 9 pins for the perfect strike.

Thanks for the question. Good luck and good bowling.


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