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I bowl about 30 to 40 games a week, practicing to improve and consistency in game! Student of the game. Bowling Style: Stroker ball speed 13 to 14 mph. not sure on Rev Rate: med. control. I bowl with a Motiv Shock 15 lbs ball. drilling layout 70 X 40 @ 4" league bowler 2 times a week about 190 avg. what I am asking is there a difference for a ball to be drilled for a sport shot. I know lane conditions make a difference. I am about 20 pins lower in avg. I would like improve sport shot avg. I guess practice makes perfect. Do you recommend a drilling layout for a sport shot. Thx

Control drillings work better on flat patterns. The dramatic difference in the drill angles on your ball make it fine for house shots, but it would be typically too violent on more demanding patterns. The stronger the ball, the more speed you need on flat patterns. Your slower ball speed would best be served with straighter angles, moderate balls and less violent VAL angles in the drilling.

Thanks for your question. It would be best with more info but you should have a sense of options if you drill stuff for sport patterns.  


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