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I am a 22 year old, right handed male.  I have been bowling all of my life, but within the last two years have had 3 hammy down balls drilled to my hand.  This is my second year in a league and my average was 177.  I am currently a straight down the right side of the lane bowler with a break at the end.  My current mark is the second arrow.   I have a pretty fast ball speed and get plenty of pin action.  I want to change my shot from a straight-in shot to more of hook.  I am interested in getting my own bowling ball, not a hammy down.  What steps should I take to choosing the correct ball for me.  Oh and currently the ball I use is  the Brunswick Anaconda.

A bowling shop operator should walk you through ball options after seeing you bowl. The information gained: your ball speed, rev rate, Positive Axis Point and details of how you roll the ball (axis tilt and axis rotation) helps determine what balls would suit your style, as there are many different types and combinations of core and coverstock. Knowing the lane conditions, type of lane surface and your general comfort zone (second arrow for you) is also very helpful.

The hand me down balls you've used would also provide some information as to what surface and core's have worked better for you. Talk with potential ball drillers and see what they offer as far as how they do what they do.

Thanks for the questions, good luck and good bowling.


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