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Bowling/Thumb Hanging at Release


When I use my wrist support my thumb comes out clean at release.  But when I bowl without wrist support my thumb sticks on front fatty part of my thumb at release. I would like to bowl without wrist support. Don't know if I need to bevel my thumb hole or change thumb pitch.

When you use your wrist device it gets between your hand and the ball. Effectively, stretching your span slightly. When you remove the glove, your spans feel shorter, so you may be prone to grip a little because of the different feel.

Was the wrist device on when you were fit for the ball? You may be gripping, bending the thumb, turning your hand. If you can identify what's happening, I can potentially suggest a solution. Don't adjust the hole until you have a clear idea of what is the crux of the issue.

Thanks for the question. I look forward to hearing back from you.  


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