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Bowling/The ball doesn't fit propery in my hand


I am right handed and awhile ago I had my right wrist broken. I can still bowl with my right hand, but I feel that because I can't bend my wrist like I used to, I should have the ball drilled, to sit more in the palm of my hand, instead of almost on the pads of my fingers. At present I just got 1/4" forward pitch on my thumb but to me I feel like I'm holding everything with my fingers and there is a space between my hand and my ball

Is the ball drilled for you to put the fingers into the second knuckle? Getting the hand flat on the ball is important. Being able to hold the ball so you do not need to squeeze to have it just hang from your hand is crucial. A fit adjustment should be offered if you talk with the driller. Put him/her in touch with me, glad to help if I can. Thanks for the question.


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