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Bowling/question about Ebonite Game Breaker 2


I have had this ball about a year now.  I bought it so that I would have a one ball, the Columbia 300 Freeze and a higher reactive curve ball, the Ebonite Game Greaker 2.  It was really working out great, but then the Ebonite got caught on the ball return and ended up with belt marks all over it probably about the 6th month that I had it.  The proshop tried to buff them out, but instead the ball looked shiny with funny looking shiny buff marks all around it.  My ball didn't seem to curve like it originally did, so I took it to another AMF pro shop and they tried to sand it down.  It still does not curve like it did and I find myself having to really lift with my fingers to get it to curve like it used to.  I am a senior woman, short, and can't throw the ball as hard as I wish I could and my ball is only 11 pounds.  Given that, I realize that my ebonite probably never had the core like the heavier balls, but there was a tremendous amount of curve to it when compared to my freeze, which hooked at the back end, but not so much if the lanes were oily.  Then I would use my ebonite that walked right through the oil.  Now my ebonite reacts like my Freeze and my average is going down the tubes.  Can this ebonite ever be fixed or should I just go ahead and buy another ball AND do rubber marks mess up the balls roll or should I just ignore them next time this happens???  Please help me.  Love bowling but this is frustrating.  I was doing really well, and now not so much.

Return to the center that damaged the ball, explain what has happened and ask if they can either suggest a store that they will be willing to pay, to return your ball to its previous state or could they replace it. Sounds like the ball was not returned to it's original surface. It might just take some patience on the part of the store to return it to the original surface. The reaction you describe could be the ball is to smooth and it's skidding longer than previously. How old was the ball? How many games do you think you had on it? What part of the country do you live in?

Thanks for the questions.  


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