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QUESTION: i bowl with a high end of ball resolution. I can play out to in or in to out. this will be my first season bowling on wood lanes and would like any suggestions on how to stay on top of my game and any bowl suggestions. thanks

ANSWER: Jemiel,
With no information about you, your equipment or the lane conditions, there is not much I can offer.

Not sure what you mean by "i bowl with a high end of ball resolution."

I can offer that wood lanes usually are higher friction, hooking surfaces due to the texture of the wood. You might use your skills swinging the ball more than going straighter down the lane. Do you know if the lanes have a hard coating or soft? The softer water based finishes usually hold onto oil a little longer, but hook a little more. The harder finishes play a little like synthetics for the first 20-30 feet, the texture on the backend can create too much or too little hook. What kind of equipment and oil used will play a big part in how you play them.

Thanks for the question. If you can provide more details, I might be able to add some suggestions.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I think what iI was trying to say is high revolutions...I practiced on the lanes, which are Country Lanes in Farmington Hills, MI, and from what you say it looks like the coating is hard. My bowling ball is an Inferno and is about 5 years old. thanks

A five year old Brunswick Inferno should be more rolly, from normal wear and tear, as it's lost a significant amount of the resin that makes performance balls perform the way they do. Your higher rev rate should help get the ball down the lane, but the high friction surface and rougher Inferno cover might seem like it isn't finishing as strong as it might on synthetic lanes. If that ends up being the case your local bowling store could smooth the surface and potentially polish the ball to help it slide down the lane easier and retain more energy for the move to the pocket downlane.

You will get acclimated to rolling at a full rack of pins quicker, so the occasional odd spare leave may cause you more trouble when bowling on a new lane condition or on different lanes than you are used to. Try to get spare practice in, shoot for either edge (7 or 10 pins) and the resulting leaves will give you a chance to see what your ball does rolling into different zones of the lane for different spares.

Thanks for the question. Good luck and good bowling.  


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