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Bowling/Thumb Problem


QUESTION: I started bowling tonight and after the first game the skin below my thumbnail was completely red.  I wasn't gripping the ball, so I don't know what caused it.  It hurt every time I threw the ball.  Would you know what causes it and how I can fix it?


ANSWER: Becky,
Skin at the base of the thumbnail? Usually is an indication of pressure, maybe pitch, maybe hole size, something is causing you to exert some grip pressure. You may not feel it as the ball swings, but you may accelerate in the swing and grip as you do. How heavy is the ball? Do you use a grip? Slug? Tape on the thumb or in the ball? Can you provide details of the fit? Length and texture of your hand? And your flexibility?

Thanks for the question. Look forward to hearing back.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for getting back with me.  My ball is a heavy 15, I do use a slug and I also have tape in the ball.  I this ball last yr and the yr before and never had this happen.  I am on blood thinners would this maybe cause the problem?  I am going to try and take a piece of tape out of the thumb hole and maybe using my resin ball to help me tomorrow night when I bowl again.  Thanks for any info you could help me with.


Blood thinners may make you bruise easier, not sure. Pain makes me think you may want to re-evaluate your pitches or fit. A slight adjustment may be all you need. If you have a lot of tape in the thumb, the hole may be too big and you just need to tighten the slug and not depend on tape. Tape will start to change pitch if you use a lot. A fit evaluation is not uncommon every couple years. Loss of flexibility, texture changes, even loss of grip strength creep up very slowly.  


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