QUESTION: If drilling a ball the PSA method once the layout is figured with storm Vls how do you know where the pin will end up and or weight holes? Thanks much

The VLS System allows a driller to enter a variety of info about a bowler, the conditions, the ball and what you want the ball to do and receive details of a suggested layout.

You don't know where the pin will end up. Nor if there will be a weight hole. That is why the system uses so much info, to weigh the possibilities and offer a best option.

Thanks for the question.

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QUESTION: In your opinion which is the better method storm Vls or dual angle method

The Storm VLS System is more evaluatory (if that's a word). Having to know more about a player, the Storm System helps match lane condition, condition length and volume, ball dynamics, and bowlers' skills to the most appropriate layout for your desired ball reaction.

The Dual Angle System is just a way to layout a ball. The person using the Dual Angle system must make all the evaluations and layout choices.

I have used them both.

Being able to evaluate a previous ball and identifying the Dual Angle layout numbers helps get a sense of what the ball is doing and if the layout is helping, is neutral or is negatively effecting the ball. Before putting anyone in a performance ball (even entry level performance), I attempt to gather as much information as possible.

Thanks for the follow up. Good bowling.  


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