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HI. IAM A RIGHT HANDER AND I THOW A BACKUP BALL  HOOK  . BUT  SOME TIMES ALL SO A STRIGHT RELEAS  HERS MY QUESTION HOW DO I IN PORVE MY BACKUP HOOK BALL? hers my ball wights a 15 punder for heavey oil and medum oil  lanes and a 15 for driy lanes  spar ball . o one more thing ihave trouble keeping my albow stright of my releas can you hellp me .form Special Olympics Team Canada Athlete


A right or left hander with a backup can benefit from some specific span and pitch adjustments to facilitate how you choose to roll the ball. Specific layout accommodations can also help the ball roll more effectively. Because bowlers all do stuff a little different there is not just one thing to suggest or recommend. I'd need to see you bowl and get stats as to ball speed, rev rate, axis rotation and axis tilt, etc.

Most players that bend their elbows, often are doing it unconsciously to compensate for fit issues. A muscled swing (the bend in your arm) is more difficult to duplicate. Fatigue and other factors can cause your shotmaking to suffer.

Could you send a video of a few shots from behind and from the side and your stats? And a sheet with your current fit details. Thanks for the question.  


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