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QUESTION: I am a lefty and I normally throw my very old Jaguar (reactive resin??)  and though they say lefties have it great, it seems my track changes immensely from a game to the consistency after a game, half game.   Is it the ball moving the oil or drying the lanes so quick ??   What's out there that compares to that reaction for a lefty ?  Thanks.....

ANSWER: Christopher,
You are using an older ball with probably little or no reactive resin left in it. So your, now, basic urethane ball is whatever you let the surface evolve to (is it rough and beat up? or is it smooth, and you keep it shiny, the way it came new?). The core is still helping your ball roll.

When you say your track, do you mean the part of the ball that touches the lane (you can typically see rings of oil and wear on the ball) or the path you cover as the ball moves down the lane?

Closest thing in the Ebonite line to the Jaguar is a trio of options, the Game Breaker series. With a larger volume core and updated coverstocks, you can find similar characteristics and have choices in the cover stock options, The GameBreaker2 solid, GameBreaker2 pearl or GameBreaker2MVP hybrid.

Please let me know what you mean by your Track.

Thanks for the question, with some clarification I think I can help.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Actually the track I try to throw in lane.  I stand about 10 boards from the right and try to hit third arrow from left...let the ball slide out and snap at back end....and balk is in decent shape and I try to keep it shiny ...

Your Ebonite Jaguar, absolutely, is changing the lane condition. It is a high differential core ball.

The flare potential of the Jaguar is high, so you will see several oily rings on the ball after each roll. That is the ball drawing oil off the lane on each roll. Do you wipe the ball off?

As the ball removes oil from the lane it creates a transition. With less oil you usually get earlier reaction in the front part of the lane, forcing an adjustment.

As a lefty, its important to realize, with every shot you make, you effect the left side of the lane that few play on. Because when you are the only player on the left side, every shot you take changes the lane for the remainder of the night. So the inconsistency you see is your previous shots effecting what's left of the oil on the lane.

It's good to have a strategy to break down the lane. So, you have more mistake room as the night goes on. By jumping deep into the lane, you utilize the oil when the condition is fresh, but you make successive games more difficult because you can't move left with the ball, as it would react too strong, while moving right creates too much skid and not an effective reaction to the pocket.

You might choose a ball you can play straighter up the lane with, to peel off oil closer to the oils edge. Then as the oil breaks down you can move in until you can switch to the Jaguar and swing to the path you've created. Or find a coach that can share some hand position options that will allow you to roll the ball more end over end, with less overall hook, straighter down the lane.

Thanks for the question. I hope this helps.  


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