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Bowling/Ball drilling layout for Crux


I just purchased a Storm Crux.  I am flabbergasted at the options for drilling it.  Could you help?

I throw about 17 mph.  I have no idea what my rpm rate is but my ball is making 18+/- revolutions from hand to the head pin.  Tilt is 15.  Axis varies with lane conditions, which ball I'm throwing and my line.  However, I try to stay in the 35-45 range.

I mostly roll leagues in a small house with synthetic lanes that utilize typical house shots or something similar.  Never roll sport shots unless they are at a tournament.

I usually throw a Storm HyRoad Pearl drilled pin up with the CG under my palm that works well.  However, I can only make a couple moves left before I run out of ball.  

I was hoping to drill this Crux to fill the gap when my HyRoad Pearl runs out of hook.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks for you help.

As a lower track player with firm ball speed (your ball takes approximately 2.4 seconds to get to the pins?), your pin up ball is still fairly close to your axis on the HyRoad pearl. I suspect, the very smooth and slick cover is causing the ball to skid excessively as you move into the middle of the lane where there is significantly more oil in most houses. Also, less Axis Rotation causes the ball to spin/skid further down the lane. The much stronger Crux should help with the oil in the middle.  

Your natural delivery should get you down the lane easily on most conditions, and you probably bowl better when lanes are drier. Your Axis Rotation shouldn't quite be as variable as you suggest. Do you have different fits in different balls? Your body (muscle memory) will want to do the same thing for you, but it sounds like you are either a newer player with somewhat less experience/repetitions/games or have different fits that are encouraging different deliveries.

While a ball like the Crux might not have been something I'd suggest, the layout question should be something your ball driller signs off on, as condition length and oil volume are crucial info when planning ball motion. Do you know the oil brand? Synthetic lane brand/maker? Length of pattern and oil volume in microliters? Do you know your Positive Axis Point?

A suggestion for a very strong ball like the Storm Crux needs maximum info, as I can only imagine your play versus seeing you roll a ball. The stronger core and cover of the Crux could provide a similar look to your HyRoad if drilled similarly, but I suspect when the HyRoad forces you to move it's because it is overreacting violently. Is that the case?  

My gut feeling is a lower pin, below the fingers, closer to your track, will help pull the track up, also cover and core will want the ball to slow down sooner, so a cg moved right of the grip line might necessitate a balance/weight hole on your axis point, which should help. PLEASE discuss these specifics with your driller, and provide me more info before your drill the ball so I can further evaluate the situation. Not really enough information yet to clarify what you need.

Thanks for the questions. Hope to hear from you soon.  


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