Would you please clear up a topic concerning the cg of the ball. Whether you put the pin up or down of the bridge will kicking the cg out a inch or two of your center line grip effect ball roll and motion much? And does is it the whether the ball is asymmetric or symmetric? I have been told both ways yes and no? Thank you

Moving the heaviest point on the ball, the Center of Gravity (CG), tilts the core. The core of a 15 pound ball could weigh as much as 7+ pounds. If you shift that weight, it will effect the ball roll. Move a little (an inch, maybe 10 to 20 degrees), effect is small. If you are a newer, inconsistent bowler, you may not notice the effect as other things are influencing the roll more.

Move it 90 degrees, could be extremely dramatic to the point of negatively useful. So, some kick might be fine if it is consistent with the intent of the layout and ball, a big kick may be too much (so if some is good more may NOT be better).

An asymmetric core could magnify the effect.

Thanks for the question.  


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