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Bowling/Wrist Pain Follow Up


I just finished nine games yesterday during a tournament and have pain in my right wrist.  I DO use a Mongoose Lifter wrist support which is very helpful and have been using it for 20+ years.  I am 50 years old and average 220+.  

Why would I have this time of pain when I bend my wrist forward it would hurt.  Does it have something to do with my span, maybe thumb pitch or other.  I am concerned!!

Please advise on any solutions to prevent this from happening.

ANSWER: Donald,
First, you may want to see a doctor. Find out what is effected. Ageing sucks. You need to find out what's wrong and potentially what can you do to avoid future problems.

Second, span and pitch might influence your hand/wrist, but has any of this been changed recently? Your wrist device should provide significant support. Do you feel pain while bowling? Does it occur later? Coupled with swelling? Have you changed your release or altered what you do as you get to the slide/release? More cup? Less cup? Torque or twist in the delivery?

Lastly, please provide more details. Ball speed, rev rate, axis tilt and rotation if you know it, describe your typical setup and targeting (do you play straighter or do you swing and hook it more?). If you can provide a picture of the ball hanging in your hand, looking to see how flat the hand is on the ball.

Thanks for the question. Hope I can help but the doctor should be your first call.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for the quick reply.  I did see a coach last month and he had me change from holding ball high to a more compact set up to around waist high and somewhat cupped.  He also told me to stay behind the ball more and then at the last moment turn my hand at the last moment.  I was coming around the ball thus loosing hitting power to kick out the 10 or 7 pins. I do like the new change as I carry way more then I did before.  Just shot 730 in a hard tournament shot.  Finished 2nd.

I feel pain during but mainly when i finish bowling and take off my device and bend my wrist back.  It hurts just a little now but not too bad.  I am mostly a down and in player like Norm Duke.  I do swing it more on the old wooden lanes.

Also, I have always had pain on my ring finger knuckle closest to my middle finger.  Not sure if my span is causing this.  What do you think about me using the Sarge Easter grip or modified by lowering ring finger hole by 1/2 inch or so.

Ball speed is 15 to 16 mph, rev rate is about 300.  Set up is 15 board targeting 8-10 board.  I am a very smooth player with no jerking motion.  Great follow through the ball with firm fingers and arm extension above head.

Thank you.

Your only change is execution? Pain in any joint could very well be pitches or a span, that is too long or too short.

Stay away from the Sarge Easter. I've used it on kids with too much hand for the lanes. It cuts down your rev rate. At 15 and 300 you are close to a matched skill set.

Your setup sounds like a recipe for drift. Unless your body is only 5 inches from middle of your chest to the middle of the shoulder joint, you are way to tight to the target, and I'd suspect your walking away from your swing in order to send the ball down the lane straight. How do you gage where you are in set up? Toe, middle of slide shoe, inside edge of shoe? What board do you slide on/deliver the shot on, when you set up at 15?

Back to pain, have you changed your fit recently? Have you NOT for a decade? Do you know your fit numbers (pitches, spans, hole sizes)? Do you use grips?

Thanks for providing some more info. A picture of the hand in the ball would be helpful, with the ball hanging in your hand. Have you discussed this with your driller?

Thanks again for the info, please let me know more. Thanks.  


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