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Bowling/Collier grip


I bowled in the military in the 60's and 70's and carried a average around 197.  I used a Manhattan 16 lb ball with a Collier grip  I am thinking about starting bowling again [age 85] and woild probably use a 14 lb ball due to rotator cup surgery.  My question is, I cannot remember if the finger grip was to the first set of knuckles or the second set.  I would like to get the Collier grip drilled in a new ball, if I can find someone that is familiar with drilling the collier grip.  thank you.

Ask your local ball drillers if they are familiar with an off-set thumb. Similar concept. The conventional grip, to the second knuckle, would allow more control, if speed is an issue. How fast do you roll the ball these days?

Thanks for the question. Let me know ball speed and expand on the idea of how much hook are you looking to generate?



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