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Boxers/boxador constant barking in cage/ pulling on leash


we have a 9 month old female boxer lab. very intellegent when it comes to tricks for a treat and knowing what it means to go outside to potty, but when we leave for work she willingly goes in her crate and as soon as we are out of sight starts barking like crazy. we can hear her barking the whole way out to our car. the only time she is in the cage is when we are at work because we dont use it for punishment or bedtime because we think its not fair to them. they need attention love and lits of play time. she loves absolutely everything and everyone under the sun with tje exception of that cage. so when ee get home we walk her to help with letting out energy built in the cage and its getting near impossible to handle her on the leash as she is about 50 lbs now. we try all the time to correct the leash pulling and work on it with her but have got nowhere. any advice on helping  diminish the barking in the cage and leading with the leash? its greatly and anxiously appreciated. thanks

She has separation anxiety.

One way to break it, is to put her in the crate for very short periods of time; say on weekends and evenings; take her outside to pee, etc., and put a Kong toy in her crate & her.

Leave the house & drive around the block. Come home.

Upon letting her out of the crate, give her a special treat that she normally doesn't get (reverse this treat for the crate training only), and praise her and love her. Tell her she was a good girl, etc.

Do it again and again and again for very short periods around the block, then twice around the block, etc.

Come home, give her the special treat, praise her and love her.

Soon, she will know that you are coming home and not abandoning her, and she will get a special treat and love and praise.

Then, the separation anxiety will diminish.

Remember, she is only 9 months old, which the Boxer half of her is extremely young and immature (Boxers act like puppies until 3+) she cannot hold her pee for long; I suggest taking her out to pee and poop on a lunch hour everyday. This will help relieve separation anxiety too.


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