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I actually have a few questions. A aqantance of my sons dropped off a boxer dog at our home a day ago and ask that he call the Animal control to pick it as they could not keep it. I cannot bring myself to do that. She is very sweet and beautiful. First off she has a very blood shot eye and I am concerned about that.Should I be? 2nd she apparently was not taken care of because you can see her ribs, Im guessing thats not normal? Is there anyway to tell how old she is? I am guessing she is around 2 maybe younger. I can tell she has had a litter because of the appearance of her nipples. I see no scar so I am assuming she has not been fixed. I cannot keep her but want to make sure she goes to a good home . I dont know how much to feed her or how often. I guess I am also asking if you have any suggestions as far as finding a place for her? Thank you Leslie

First, thank God for people like you that wants to care for a dog that another does not. Kuddos to you!

Take her to the vet for a check-up and vaccinations; the vet can determine her age by her teeth.

Her eye being red is normal in some Boxers. It is called a "third eye" and causes no discomfort or problems. It can be surgically corrected for cosmetic purposes, but is not necessary. I own a bitch that has a "third eye" and none of her litters inherited it, thankfully. It's just cosmetically weird looking- but not harmful. Ask your vet, he or she will confirm this.

She might have had a litter if you see that her teats are larger and maybe more brownish than pink. It would be good if you could get her spayed to help prevent other unwanted and mixed litters, and prevent mammary cancer and uterine cancers. Also, it helps to not have messy heats every 5-6 months.

Now, the biggie; her ribs showing. This is not normal. Boxers should be lean and muscular but not ribby.

I suggest a "self-feed" plan. Keep fresh food and fresh water out at all times; 24/7. Boxers tend to "graze" a little at a time, and eat more at night- even late night.

This "self-feed" plan will allow her to eat as she wants and allow you to see her eating habits as well.

Feed her a good high-protein food now to help her gain weight. Add plain whole yogurt (no flavors) to her food to stimulate her appetite and balance her digestive system with the good bacteria that is in yogurt.

Ask the vet for a high-protein supplement to give her in order to help her gain weight, and once her ribs don't show, you can discontinue it.

An adult female Boxer should weigh 50-65 lbs. I prefer at least 55lbs. if bone structure is solid and well-built.

If you do not want to keep her or cannot, ask your vet about suitable placement as he or she might know, call Boxer rescues, place ads and pics (wait until she's gained weight) in your vet's office which usually has a bulletin board, place ads at your grocery store that usually have bulletin boards, place free ads online at pet places with description and pics, etc., etc.

I hope you decide to keep her as she sounds like she needs love and security. She might have come to you for a purpose.

Let me know what all the vet says with a follow-up, and again, thanks for caring for this girl!  


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