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brok is a great dog,but when someone comes over he goes crazy for the first ten minutes with pure excitement. to the point of no control. please help, i dont want people not liking him.

This behavior should have been taught as a puppy- not a year later.

But, you can still help re-train the behavior.

When you have company coming, put a leash on him and when answering the door, make him sit and allow them in.
When he becomes excited, tighten the leash taking control and verbally reprimand him and tell him to sit. Keep him in an area a couple feet from the door when answering it.

If this doesn't work in a few weeks of practice, I suggest watching Cesar Millam the "Dog Whisper" on National Geography Channel or online.

He teaches asserting your calmness and control onto your dog and changing hteir excited state into a calm state.  


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