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Hi Jannie,

I have a male boxer, 11 months old, 61 lbs, named Mack.
This morning, after I took him outside, he was lying in my bed as always sleeping while I left for 10 minutes. I came home, checked to see if he was still asleep, and he was still in the same position as when I left. I turned to exit the room and I started to hear him urinating, all the while he was sleeping. After I woke him up and removed the sheets from my bed, he slowing walked into the living room and laid on the floor. I took him out immediately where he urinated again, only a small amount. Roughly 20 minutes later, he was sitting on the floor, yawned, and proceeded to urinate again, also only a small amount, though I don't believe he did it on purpose considering he was still sitting. Yesterday he was fine; playful, full of energy. Today, it's a struggle to keep his eyes open because he's so tired. Yesterday evening I gave him his Trifexus with a full meal, which he has never had trouble taking.

I did take him to the vet 2 days ago thinking he may have had a UTI but everything came back fine. (about a week ago he'd urinated in the floor 15 minutes after going outside, but had been feeling fine)

What do you think it could be?

Thanks a bunch :)

I hate to say this, but go to a different vet.

It is a urinary infection, kidney infection, testicle infection which can be caused by fleas, or more serious.

Your vet is not taking in consider of all the possibilities it could be.

Get a new vet.

(It could be extremely serious with the lethargic symptom.  


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