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Boxers/5 yr old spayed female enlarged nipples


I have a 5 year old boxer and just noticed that 2 of her usually tiny nipples are pencil eraser sized now.  They don't seem to hurt her but wondering what would cause this.

Thank you for your time and Happy New Year.

If you personally didn't get her spayed and she was adopted or rescued, then, a dog can also experience a false pregnancy after they are spayed. It can be difficult to determine if a dog is spayed or not and the lack of a heat cycle is the best indicator, although your vet could do an ultrasound to check it out.

If you are not positive she has been spayed (you personally had her spayed) then problems could be:

1. mammary hypertrophy- this basically means abnormal enlargement of normal mammary tissue- this is nothing to be too worried about (and is caused by estrogen release especially when she's in heat).

2. mammary tumors- these can be benign or cancerous in nature- the mammary area generally feels very lumpy if tumors are present.

3. mastitis- an infection within the glands. A bitch does not have to have had pups to get mastitis. The teats will be swollen, enlarged, hot and usually painful.

Here is a site on breast cancers in female dogs:

You might want to read up about it in order to determine if you should take her to your vet to be checked out.  


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