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I have a fifteen month old female boxer cross Rottweiler. My husband and I brought home our new baby daughter and Zeirra constantly barks and growls at either my husband and I when we hold our daughter, she also get very clumsy when our daughter is on the floor im worries she will lay on her with she almost has many times. we even spend lots of time with her but the jealousy behavior isn't changing. Can you please help me I'm frightend my dog will harm my baby how can I promot good non jealousy behavior?

First, the Rottweiler part of her is out of my expertise, as they have their own set of behavioral uncharacteristics that are different than Boxers.

At this point, you cannot have the dog around the baby- that's a given. Boxers love children; I have seen and experienced Boxers lying beside newborn babies and guarding them: however, I do not know how Rocttweilers behave around babies and children.

You will have to research (on the internet) characteristics of Rottweilers to know that part of your dog.

In the meantime, there is no known behavior modification to perform in order to stop jealousy or odd behavior around a child- simply do not allow the dog near the child unsupervised.



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