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i bred my 3 year old bitch 3 weeks ago. there are 2 other dogs in the household an eight year old doberman bitch and a four year old cocker spaniel dog.I have had the boxer for just over a year. her previous owner got rid of her because she had an old boxer bitch that she was picking on. My three were fine together until she was due to come in season this time. she had already had one season whilst in my care and was ok.This time about a week before her season began she started picking fights with the doberman, one got really nasty where she went for the doberman for no apparant reason and ihad to take the doberman to the vets for treatment,i have since seperated them.This morning she snapped at the spaniel over food she has never done this before.I have a downstairs extension to the rear of my house whitch is going to be soley hers and the pups. Should iprovide her with a whelping box now and put her in there on her own?

Yes, of course you must provide her with a whelping box to give birth and care for her newborns away from any one and any other dogs.........

It must be a heated area as newborn puppies cannot regulate their own body heat.......

Please research online, whelping Boxer puppies and newborn care and the things you will need and what to do.....

In the meantime, gestation is a 58-63 day period average and she is protective of herself; eating for her puppies thus, fighting for food, protective of everything; survival instinct of her pregnancy; as dogs are instinctive to survive by breeding at every heat, and nothing more- therefore, her hormones and instincts are changed and will remain so until puppies are at least 3-4 weeks old.  


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